We need YOU!

23 06 2009

Hey Kastles fans, Coach Murphy here and I want you to know that the Kastles players and team are ready to go!!!!!! Serena is at Wimbledon looking to win another major! Leander Paes is on FIRE after winning the French Open doubles and “Boom Boom” Scott Oudsema is tearing it up on the ATP Tour as well as Angela Haynes reported to me she playing the best of her life and looks forward to becoming the WTT Most Valuable Player this Season!!!! Come on!!!! But my question is: are the Kastles fans ready? Do you have your season tickets? I need the fans as bad as I need Serena serving aces! What drew me to DC and WTT are the Kastles fans! We have 7 home matches and I want any team that comes into our house to know that WE REFUSE TO LOSE! Not me, not Serena, not Scott, Leander, Coco or Angela! “We” meaning the fans, the players and the entire DC area! Make this team your team and make this summer the best tennis summer of your life!!!!! I need you for all 7 home matches and the Championship match! Come on! It’s “OUR” Team and “OUR” time to shine and WIN!

Come ON!

GO Washington Kastles!!!!!




3 responses

17 09 2009
Hayley Connors

Very timely info regarding tennis tickets and the tour. Thanks for the info. Many people have similar situations in their lives.


27 04 2010
Stevie B. Wagner

Like I said last week coach murphy will rock the planet with the kastles!!!

30 04 2010
Stevie B. Wagner

C’MON murph man!! let’s move you and the kastles to nor-cal and win another titile!!!! Get it murph!!! Coach stevie B. Wagner carmel valley

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