Kastles Winning Streak!

14 07 2009

Hey Kastles Fans!

Coach Murphy here! Are you ready? Do you Refuse to Lose? We do!!!!!!!!!

Serena is playing in Kastles Country tonight, and on Thursday we play John McEnroe! Come on!!!! You never gave up on us when we were 0 and 4,  so we didn’t give up on you! Thanks to the Kastles fans, the players and the entire team we are now 4 and 4!!!!! A win tonight puts us one more match closer to our goal: #1!!!!!!!!!!

The Washington Kastles are truly America’s team! Because D.C. has people visiting from all over the country, we get fans from all over the country! I met someone today who is going to the match tonight and they are from Alaska! Come on!!!! I know eight people from Seattle!!!!

Let’s keep this train rolling down the tracks toward the Championships!!!!!!!!!!!! The Kastles Refuse to Lose! See you tonight and Thursday! I need you all at the stadium ready to do battle! Thanks for being the best fans in the world!!!!

Yours truly!
Coach Murphy




One response

23 07 2009

Greetings from downtown Ludington . Congrats on making the playoffs ! Good luck ! Saw your Dad today in the store & he said he’s feeling better …… Always good to hear, as I told him ,he’s too tough of a old bird to keep down for too long……… I’ll send word when the Salmon start running- water has been cold this year so it will probably be about a month to 6 weeks. What was the beef with Leander & John Mc all about…? I mean has anyone ever been killed by being hit with a ball…..? See you at Provisions before long ! — Chris

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