Kastles Are WTT Champions!!

29 07 2009

Hey Kastles Fans!

Oh, I’m sorry –  Kastles World Champion Fans!

Coach Murphy here and I want to thank you for an amazing season and your amazing support and energy each and every night we played – both home and away! This is not my team, this is your team! And you were just as important to us winning as the forehands and backhands that were hit on the court. We are World Champions now and for me, this experience has been the best tennis memory of my life!

It’s only been a couple of days since we won and I’m still blown away at how incredible it feels to win the championships! What about Olga and Scott O? Isn’t that incredible how they improved and came through in the playoffs?! And Rennae and Leander and all their leadership! How cool is it that when you come to a Kastles match you get a chance to not only root for your team but you also get to know the team personally?

And you – the fans – became a part of the Kastles team every night! The Kastles fans became Olga’s first serve and the Kastles fans became Scott Oudsema’s first volley! And way to go Leander for becoming the MVP of the league and super COME ON to Scott Oudsema for being crowned MVP of the Championship Match! Awesome!

This season is an experience I will never forget and I have you to thank for it! I’m looking forward to next season and beyond and I’m thinking dynasty! The Kastles team and fans are World Champions and next season we will be defending Champions! So stay close to us and keep visiting my blog and the Washington Kastles website! And don’t forget as you play tennis this summer that we shared something special!


Yours truly,

COACH Murphy!!!!




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